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OGUZ: (formerly Vartashen, Bartashen, Vartashen, Vartashin, Oğuz) PDF Print E-mail

Coat of arms of Oğuz Oğuz, Bartashen, Vartashen, Vartashin, Vartaşen. 41°04' N 47°28' E, 135.1 miles WNW of Bakı

Wikipedia [Dec 2017]

"They are primarily agricultural and hurry to offer their fresh nuts of many varieties. They have a renovated synagogue, with a section devoted to a Hebrew school. On the synagogue's lawn stands a large stone Magen David. On the roads leading to and from Oguz can occasionally be seen men in the typical Caucasus garb-baggy black pants and vest, white shirts, pillbox hats." Source: Hadassah Magazine October 1999 For a copy of the article, contact Dorothy Silfen, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [September 2002]

Jewish history: Visions of Azerbaijan Magazine ::: AZERBAIJANI JEWS: [Dec 2017]

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