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Coat of arms of Krems Alternate names: Krems an der Donau [Ger], Krems. 48°25' N, 15°36' E, 38 miles WNW of Wien, 15 miles N of Sankt Pölten.Jewish population: 595 (in 1880), 400 (in 1925). Krems, along with neighboring cities Stein, Egelsee, Dürnstein and Spitz an der Donau are known for their world class wine production as well as their proximity to the Danube.


  • Jüdischer Friedhof : Wiener Straße. Established in 1880 and abandoned in 1936. Owned by Vienna Israelite Community. Located on the grounds is a 42m-long metal memorial by Hans Kupelwieser engraved with the names of the Krems Jews, who died during the Holocaust. In 2004 the Irish/Israeli artist duo of Clegg & Guttmann installed three public bookshelves as another memorial. [Sept 2014]
  • A cemetery was opened in 1853, another in 1880.
  • Jewish cemetery exists as reported by Itamar Danziger . [October 2001]
  • Visit to cemetery. [Sept 2-14]



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