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Hollabrunn is a district capital town in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, on the Göllersbach river. Hollabrunn belonged to the Jewish community of Horn until 1902 when they became a separate community for Hollabrunn and the surrounding settlements such as Haugsdorf and Retz. In 1934, 92 of 420 members paid membership dues.  Alfred Fischer was its president and Ignatz Kurz vice-president. The small assimilated Jewish community owned little shops and traded with wood, horses, agricultural tools, and more. Two doctors, Dr. Franz Deutsch and Dr. Ernst Ritter, and a lawyer, Dr. Wilhelm Fass, lived there. In 1938 almost immediately after Austria`s "Anschluss," the Jews of Hollabrunn became victims of  local Nazis and their sympathizers. Their houses were defaced with graffiti and their shops looted and then "Aryanized."  Dr. Ritter and Otto Hauser were the first to be imprisoned.  In September 1938 all Jews were forced to leave the town,  some going oversea countries and the others perishing in the Holocaust. After 1945, only a small minority of the little Jewish community returned to Vienna and almost none to Hollabrunn.  The temple at the corner of Winiwarterstrasse and Straussgasse. In September 1938 the community was forced to give it as a  present to the municipality of Hollabrunn. In the same year its interior was devastated by local Nazis. July 2009)

CEMETERY:  The cemetery is located 1 km south of Hollabrunn near the town's sewage purification plant. In 1876, Max Wallisch and Leopold Skutezky on behalf of the Jews of Hollabrunn bought the cemetery land. Today, in comparably good condition wascleared of vegetation in the 1990s and contains about 140 graves with few fallen. See burial list for  the Jewish cemetery]. In November 1996, vandals desecrated graves. The identity of the vandals has not yet been discovered. (July 2009)

JOWBR burial list (128 burials): ""This small town with around 10,000 inhabitants lies some 50 km NW of Vienna on the road to Znaim/Znojmo in Moravia. A Jewish community existed between 1901 and 1938. The cemetery was founded in 1876 and as late as 1978 people were buried here." Ulrike Gollonitsch, Als wär' nichts geschehen: Die jüdische Gemeinde in Hollabrunn, Wien (1990).  [July 2010]

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  • BOOK: Ulrike Gollonitsch, Als waer nichts geschehen. Die juedische Gemeinde in Hollabrunn, Vienna 199.
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