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ALTERNATE NAMES: KUPYN [UKR], KUPIN [RUS, YID]. Купин. 49°06' N, 26°35' E, 30 miles N of Kamenets Podolskiy, 29 miles SW of Khmelnytskyy (Proskurov), 5 miles S of Horodok village in the Horodotskyi Raion of Khmelnytsky Oblast,.Included in Kamenets-Podolsk yizkor book..1900 Jewish population: 1,351.

Source in Russian with photos. "Bush, village Gorodok District Khmelnitsky region, situated on the banks of the river Smotrych (a tributary of the Dniester). Until 1923 the county borough Kamenetz, Podolia. was first mentioned in historical documents in the beginning of the XVII century. Jews settled in the bush in the early XVIII century. In the XIX century.Kupin was known in Podolia craft borough, received a special development and manufacture of pottery craft bricks. Jewish population: 1765 - 405 Jews, 1897 - 1391, 1923 - 670, 1926 - 1089. Jews were shot Bush Yarmolintsy in the autumn of 1942 the mid-1990s. Jews in the Bush lived. Lukin, "100 Jewish towns in Ukraine" Detailed photos.


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