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also see Villaguay, Colonia Espandola and Entre Rios

International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina Located 395 km from Buenos Aires, 80 km from Basavilvaso, 37 km from San Gregorio, 30 km from Villa Dominguesz, 25 km from Villaguay, 19 km from Carmel, 15 km from Ingeniero Sajaroff, and 10 km from San Vicente. Former name: Colonia Bilez and called "Doll Town." Clara was the name of Baroness Hirsch. Founded in 1902, the clay-soil colony was 80,265 hectares with a wide, 2 km long round lined with pioneer homes. This rice-growing center was the training center for JCA; settlers were required to complete training here to receive land. Water came from a city pump; electricity arrived in 1930, but only for streetlights. Water and electricity to individual homes came only in 1970. The current population is 3,400. At one time, the Jewish population was 1,000. A museum (Museo Historico Regional de Villa Clara) at San Martmn Avenue and Baron Hirsch Street at Old Villa Clara Train Station has useful information. Contact Zulema Danses de Fink, (03455) 491223. Director: Fabiana Quiroga. [December 2003]

  • El Cementerio Israelita de Clara-Bilez: From downtown, take San Martin Avenue to Yrigoyen Street to Diamante Street to the cemetery. Contact: Zulema Danses de Fink, (03455) 491223 or email her son: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Graves date from 1892. The first burial was a Piamante, Italy Jewish couple, who died in a boat accident. By rumor, the still-active, but crowded, cemetery was founded by Ionte Anapolsky, who died at age 114. Some graves have sheet metal plates with inscription in Hebrew. Some gravestones are inscribed marble. Some have photographs. Cemetery contains a Holocaust memorial. [December 2003]


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