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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina also see CHACO province
Located in SE Chaco province. Villa Angela is 1017 km from Buenos Aires, 195 km from Resistencia, 96 km from Presidencia Saenz Pena, and 78 km from Charata. Villa Angela City Hall, 8 1st de Mayo Street,

The first Jewish settlers arrived in 1905 from Santa Fe province (Moises Ville and Montefiore). In 1914, the railroad arrived bringing twenty Sephardic families from Marrakech and families from Poland to relatives already there. They came for tax-free land. Then, in the 1940s, crops failed for the 120 Jewish families living there. The current 31,500 population has 26 Jewish families. The Jewish Cultural and Philanthropic Association, 81 Ruvadavua St., Jacobo Garber 03735-420-413, founded in 1927, was struck by fire on 9 October 1970, destroying the arch, three torahs and the minute book. Now, Yom Kippur is the only official holiday held there. [December 2003]


  • El Cementerio Israelita: Located on Falucho Street, starting at the train station, take JB Justo Street to Lisandro de la Torre Street. At the end, turn left onto Avenida del Trabago to the intersection. Turn right for 500 meters. The key holder is Rodolfo Corzo, who lives next door to the always-locked cemetery. La Chaquena Company donated one hectare of land in 1934 for the cemetery. A Mogen David above the wooden entry door in the high wall as "1934" in the center. Prior to 1934, Villa Angela Jews used the cemeteries at Charata or Resistencia. Inscriptions are in Yiddish and Spanish. Up to 1976, the cemetery had 121 graves. One marked with two cement triangles forming a Mogen David holds the three torahs burned in the fire. [December 2003]

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