International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO: Province:State of Santiago, bounded by the States of Salta and Tucuman on the northwest, La Rioja on the west, Cordova on the south, Sante Fé on the east, and by the Territory of El Chaco on the northeast.


International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
Population 700,000+ in N and known for its thermal waters of Rio Hondo. Towns: Colonia Dora and Santiago del Estero. The city, the oldest provincial capital in Argentina (1553), is 1,070 km from Buenos Aires and 179 km from Colonia Dora. The greatest Jewish population in Santiago del Estero was the 1950s: 180 Ashkenazi and 20 Sephardic families, most from Colonia Dora. 2000 Jewish population was 32 Jewish families out of 212,000 total. No synagogue ever existed but a Sociedad Israelita de Soccoros Mutuos, 146 La Plata Street (Victor Mondschein, (0385) 421-4034 opened in 1930 with a prayer room and Hebrew school.

  • Cemetery: The cemetery is located on Malvinas Argentina Avenue, next to the municipal cemetery. Opened in 1953 on land donated by Governor Carlos Arturo Juarez, the carob tree filled cemetery contains Gothic lettered inscriptions. 200 burials.  [December 2003]

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