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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
On National Route 18 between Villaguay Grande and Sandoval Rivers in central Entre Rios province were Domingo Calvo and Baron Guinsburg colonies. Baron Guinsburg also was called San Vicente for the ranch that existed before JCA purchased it. Of those colonies, only the cemetery remains. San Vicente's Jewish population dates from 1893 when 45 families arrived. The synagogue dates from 1906-1952. [December 2003]

  • El Cementerios Israelia de las Colonias Domingo Calvo y Baron Guinsburg: On Provincial Route 18 from Parana to Concordia is a large arch indicating the still-active cemetery, 8 km from Villa Clara, before Jubileo. 32 km from Villaguay, 44 km from Villa Dominguez, 59 km from San Gregorio, 23 km from Ingeniero Sajaroff, 27 km from Carmel, and 72 km from Basavilbaso. Keys: Abraham Kreiserman, tel (03455) 491014. Entry to the bucolic site is through two ranch gates and then an iron bar gate with a Mogen David attached to a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire and attached to a caretaker house. Graves date from the 1910s. No separate sections. Common graves exist for the 1913 and 1916 typhus epidemics. Memorial markers are flat stones, obelisks, and multistone monuments of marble and other stone. Some have photographs. Inscriptions are mostly in Hebrew or Yiddish. The burial book is in the possession of Zulema Danses de Fink of Villa Clara. 126 men and 86 women and one with only a surname. Two burials occurred in 2000. Very little space for additional burials exists. [December 2003]
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