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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
The "rice capital" of Argentina, San Salvador is in east central Entre Rios province, 62 km SW of Concordia and 60 km NE of Villaguay on Route 18. 419 km from Buenos Aires, 50 km from Hambis, 45 km from Pedernal, and 14 km from General Campos. In San Salvador district with Walter Moss, General Campos, Arroyo Grande, and Las Colonias. The city has wide, tree-lined streets and unusual landscaping of palms, espumillos, and imported acacias. The town containing thirteen rice mills was called "las siete de la Jewish", JCA's seven colonies: Lopez and Berro (SW), Palmar and Yatay, Ubajay (SE), Walter Moss and Curbelo (N), and Santa Isabel (E). San Salvador was founded in 1889. Ashkenazi Jews arrived in 1907. 11,100 hectares were divided into plots and distributed among Creoles and immigrants with San Salvador as the cemetery. Rice in Entre Rios province was first grown (about 1932) in this area. In the 1940s, the population was about 4,000 with 600 Jews. In 2000, 35 Jewish families live among the population of 12,000.
  • El Cementerio Israelita de San Salvador: Located on Avenida de la Paz (gravel road) and Avenida de los Rusos. Caretaker is Julio Mindez. The following have the key: Oscar Loskin (0345) 491-0302, Rivelos Family (0345) 491-0201, and Elias Mendelovich (0345) 491-0336. The cemetery opened officially in 1936, but some graves predate that founding. Jews from San Salvador were buried in Lopez and Berro until this cemetery opened. The cemetery entrance is a black iron door with two Mogen David in an arched gate topped with a Mogen David, "1934", and a sign in Hebrew and Spanish reading: "Cementerio Israelita." Within the cemetery is a caretaker building, a preburial room with a sign reading, "Board of Directors. 1995: Bernardo Grimberg, Adolfo Stubbing, Lesn Monastersky, Moisis Hornes, B. Pochter, and H. Furman. A low rectangular pyramid is the Holocaust Memorial. Separate section for men is to the right of the entry. The well-kept cemetery filled with calandria (a kind of lark) is ten blocks from downtown. [December 2003]
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