POSADAS: Misiones Province Print
International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
POSADAS, founded in 1615, is the provincial capital of Argentina's most northern Province of Misiones with approximately 220,000 inhabitants, about 700 miles north of Buenos Aires on the Parana River, the border with Paraguay. [January 2001]

November 1997 Report from Argentina JGS President Paul Armory (deceased): Posadas cemetery (230 burials) registry was made tomb by tomb by a student associated to us. Source: Sociedad Argentina de Genealogia Judia, Juana Azurduy 2223 8o (1429) Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: 54-1-701-0730
http://www.agja.com.ar/revista/sumario_toldot_10.htm#24 "Cemeteries in Argentina" by Paul Armony [in Spanish] from Toledot, September 1999. [October 2000]