International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina see also CHACO Province

Cemetery: Located along the railroad line to Las Brenas, Pinedo is 20 km south of Charata on Provincial Route 94. A group of Jews settled there in the 1920s only to abandon it for Presidencia Saenz Pena and Villa Angela. A small, hidden, neglected cemetery contains 29 graves, the oldest of which is from 1938. A section for women is on the left, facing their husbands and separated by a path. From Pinedo's main street, turn left at the end of the road bordering the Christian cemetery. The Jewish cemetery is behind that cemetery. The municipal inspector has the key: 402 23rd Street, telephone 03731-480-064. [December 2003]
  • Article: Garber, Jacobo. "La Presencia Judia en el camp chaqueno y su aporte a la grandeza de la provincia." El Interior, 14 July 1999. [December 2003]