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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina 9 de Julio District
In 1890 or 1912, the JCA established Montefiore, 15 or 30 km from Ceres on dirt road amid fields and a few abandoned buildings. Two years after founding, the area flooded when the population was 208 families. That population reduced to 140 Jewish families five years later. Population is about 100 with no Jews. Some descendants of the original settlers live in neighboring towns. The peak Jewish population was the 1940s. Refugees from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania arrived in 1940. [December 2003]
  • El Cementerio Israelita: Three km from town on National Route 95. The never locked cemetery has only five rows of graves. The site is well tended with an iron door with a Mogen David. The barrel-shaped cement graves are the oldest and belong to the 1914 flood victims. Ricardo Colombo at City Hall has information: (0349) 485-009  Electricity and telephones arrived only in 1990. [December 2003]
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