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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina Also see Moises Ville and SAN CRISTSBAL
Between Route 34 and Ferrocarril Bartolomi Mitre in NE Santa Fe Province, 40 km from Moises Ville, 24 km from Palacios, and 16 km from Las Palmeras, the dirt road town dates from 1865. The first Jews arrived in 1888, eight families from Paris with the help of Alliance Israelite Universelle. The difficult conditions caused immigrants to leave. La Vieja settlement ended. In 1904, JCA sent new families to raise alfalfa and cattle. The 2000 census is 600. The 1940 population included 120 Jewish families. The 1932 Tifereth Israel Synagogue located across from the train station closed in 1978. Three Jews live in Monigotes in 2000. [December 2003]


  • El Cementerio Israelita de Monigotes: Dating from 1933, the 200 graves exist on 0.5 hectares. The gravestones have Hebrew inscriptions on one side and Spanish on the other. The entrance has a double iron gate topped with two Mogen David and a door that opens set between two white pillars. A shed to the left of the entrance holds the horse-drawn burial cart with a wooden dome and a Mogen David and glass windows. The Jews of San Cristsbal used this cemetery. [December 2003]
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