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JOWBR Burial List. (1 cemetery, 489 burials) [July 2009]
Located 750 km from Buenos Aires and 48 km from Bahia Blanca in Buenos Aires province. The Jewish population probably dates from 1900 when some Romanian Jewish families (probably from Clara colony) arrived. The Jewish cemetery land was donated in 1905 (one hectare) by a butcher, Simon Gueler, but began to function as one some years later. The cemetery, synagogue, and mikveh that were built that year attracted settlers from Moises Ville in Santa Fe province. The 1913 red brick synagogue is located at 100 Medrano Street; contact Moises Guerstein, Telephone (02927) 432330. [December 2003]

  • El Cementerio Israelita de Midanos: Located across from the City Hospital, 2.5 km from the Main Palza on Ombucta's Road. Contact Moises Guerstein, Telephone (02927) 432330. All Jewish families in Medanos have a key. The first burial was between 1904 and 1905. The 3-hectare plot entrance has two pine trees and four rose bushes next to decorative brick columns and a gate with a door and a Mogen David atop. Some individual cement mausoleums are lined up, looking like barrels with rounded or pointed tombstones at one end. A walled room holds the antique black carriage hearse with Mogen David atop. A small path between buses leads to all corners. On the left were suicides or deaths due to accidents but the practice stops many years ago. Site has a Holocaust memorial. [December 2003]
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