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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
Like Berro, Lopez is close to San Salvador in central eastern Entre Rios province and dates from 1907 as does Berro. A gravel road called "Camino Real" or Principal separated the two colonies of 10,640 hectares. Colonia Lopez land is ten km SW of San Salvador going toward Villaguay on Route 18 and the Camino Real. Remnants of original farms and homes still can be seen. Ten km further is Colonia Berro. The subtropical climate has no dry season and is a rice-growing center. JCA purchased the Colonia Lopez land in 1893, but the first thirty Eastern European Jewish families did not arrived until 1907. In the 1930s, German Jews followed. Berro is reached across a frail, one hundred year-old bridge. [December 2003]
  • El Cementerio Israelita de Colonia Lopez: On El Camino Real coming from San Salvador and 7.5 km to the right on Route 18. Caretaker: Schmukler Family, (0245) 491-0155 and Pascual Rivelis (0345) 491-0201. The entry is a heavy gate that is difficult to open. A small cement building holds cemetery tools. An inscription on the door mentions the 1917 founding of the cemetery, but burials date from 1911. The property still belongs to the JCA. The grass is a little overgrown and seems a bit neglected. The Canada Grande River floods the area. The burial book has been lost. Maria Olga Nikel wrote a history: Colonia Lopez y su Escuala. The earliest graves were all men. Women are buried to the right with the babies. The last burial was Rosita S. de Presman in 1977. The graves have large above ground structures, some elaborate. Spring is the best time to visit as the fields are the driest. [December 2003]

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