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UPDATE: Searchable database of cemeteries: [Aug 2014]



  • Website:(in Spanish).Asociación de Genealogía Judía de Argentina reported that photographing anything in any Argentinean cemetery (Jewish or otherwise) requires government authorization. Shortly after the dissolution of the Buenos Aires Kehila AMIA in 1994, the Ministry of Security forbade photographing any Jewish building, inside or outside, without authorization. Their JGS received pictures of Cemetery Cazes in Entre Rios (about 200 burials) because of an agreement to give a copy to the authorities of the digitalized list created from the photos. See Buenos Aires for cemetery death index information.

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  • Latin American Jewish Congress: Casilla de Correo 20, Suc.53, (Larrea 744), 1453 Buenos Aires. Tel. 54 1 962 5028/ 961 4534, Fax 54 1 963 7056

  • (YIVO): IWO Instituto Judío de Investígaciones. Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas (DAIA), Ayacucho 632, 6 Piso, 1026 Buenos Aires, Tel. 54 1 375 4747/ 375 4730/ 375 4742, Fax 54 1 375 4742. [December 2000]



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    45 Jewish cemeteries exist in Argentina. JGS of Argentina has burial records for eighteen of those cemeteries, a total of 157,850 names current through 1997. The records cover about 100 years. Of these eighteen cemeteries, nine (of a total 11) are in the Buenos Aires area and nine (from 34 active ones) are in the country. We are dealing with three other cemeteries' kehillot to obtain information and/or records, (two in big Buenos Aires and the third in Moisesville). This should include around 11,000/12,000 people.   The 1998 Jewish population in Argentina is estimated in around 220,000 persons, 85% living in the greater Buenos Aires area. Unfortunately, today, there are many private park cemeteries where many Jews and their non-Jewish wives are buried. Besides, many Jews are buried in the city cemetery for a variety of reasons. Also, some people were cremated. Our principal problem is with the cemeteries in the countryside both from a lack of information and the funding to obtain such. It will be necessary to go there to find anything. [see Buenos Aires] Source: Paul Armony (deceased)


    We have 35 cemeteries with 170,000 registries.

    1. For a search of one last name in the 11 cemeteries of Buenos Aires and the 24 cemeteries of the other areas (more than 170,000 burials from 1900 to 1998/99) from data that we have, (see detail): $3 per name with a minimum of $15 for up to 5 names; 15 names cost $45 and $1 for each additional thereafter. Example: 72 deceased of the same last name or slight variants of spelling is $5 for the first 15 and $57 for the following the 57 deceaseds or a total of $102 dollars

    2. Data that we have are: Name, last name, in the case of married women, sometimes is the last names as a single person, the date of death, (in very old burials sometimes they lack some data, like death and month), position of the tomb and cemetery, and in very few registries age at death, for example in old Liniers.   WE HAVE NEITHER NAME of the FATHER, NOR the DATE OF BIRTH, NOR BIRTHPLACE, NOR NATIONALITY, NOR PROFESSION, NOR DATA OF the CHILDREN (except for exceptions).  To obtain to more information requires to visit the cemetery and/or getting the death certificate. This costs $30 per visit to a cemetery of Buenos Aires, for up to 5 deceased in the same cemetery. They cannot research cemeteryies of the Interior, except by communicateing with the communities of the interior that administer cemeteries and deciding with them the cost. Obtaining a death certificate in Buenos Aires costs $35 (certified) or $10 (uncertifed). If nothing is found, no money is refunded. "single give back the $15 that is not paid when not receiving it." [sic] This single is valid for Buenos Aires; any other place requires a different cost.


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    102 VILLAGUAY: Entre Rios Province
    104 YATAY: see UBAJAY
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