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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
One of four towns (Jacinto Arauz, General Bernasconi, Villa Iris) with Jewish history in SE La Pampa Province, 18 km from Bernasconi, 180 km from Santa Rosa, and 715 km from Buenos Aires. General San Martin formerly was called Villa Alba. Current population is about 3,000. The train arrived in 1904 for the forty immigrant families from Clara and San Antonio, who arrived in 1901 and bought land to settle 2 km from the train station, the current site of the Jewish cemetery. [December 2003]


  • El Cementerio Israelita de General San Martin: From the town entrance, cemetery is 3.5 km down the road. Caretaker: Fermon Aglero. Key holder is Manuel Galinsky at (02925) 4-97369. The first burial was in January 26, 1903, the "doctor" Sunde Itzcovich, a registered pharmacist. The entrance is a green gate with two Mogen David. To the side of the entrance is a small preburial room with an iron door. Men and women are buried in separate sections: five for men and three for women and a common grave 4 x 4 m for children, who died in an epidemic. Inscriptions are in Hebrew and Spanish. [December 2003]
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