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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
Center of the colonies Walter Moss (Villaguay district) and Curbelo (Concordia district) that are separated by a mountain, General Campos is in east central Entre Rios province, 430 km from Buenos Aires, 45 km from Concordia, 25 km from Pedernal, 30 km from Ubajay, 15 km from San Salvador, and 80 km from Pueblo Cazis. An innkeeper near the train station followed by Jewish immigrant (Luis Abraham Dreispeil, who opened a general store) founded the town. The town dates officially from June 8, 1913. In 1939, the population was 1,500. Jewish population began to decline in the 1940s. 2001 population is almost 4,000 of which ten families are Jewish. [December 2003]


El Cementerio Israelita de General Campos, Walter Moss, y Curbelo: Located 22 km past General Campos on Route 137, a dirt road and near a lake, the cemetery dates from the 1910s. When someone in Federal died, the body had to be transported 100 km for burial; therefore, Monastersky, a pioneer, donated the land for the two-hectare site. To enter, cross the bridge to a gate on the left. In the center of the entrance is a tile-roofed shade structure near the tool shed and the well. One hundred graves exist. The oldest are brick and tin-roofed. The cemetery has many bees and wasps (camoati.) [December 2003]

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