International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
Located in SE Chaco province, 1288 km from Buenos Aires, 268 km from Resistencia, 100 km from Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena and 78 km from Villa Angela. Charata City Hill, 374 Rivadavia Street. Forty families from Colonia Dora and others from Montefiore and Moises Ville left Santiago del Estero province to move here in 1920 to raise cotton. Some moved into the town to open shops. Some left because of the harsh living conditions. The agrarian town of old houses along barely paved roads has a population of 17,000 with about twenty Jewish families until the 1940s with about 100 Jewish families. [December 2003]
  • El Cementerio Israelita: On Provincial Route 94 between Guemes Road and Avenida de Los Agricultures, the cemetery is always open. Begun in the 1920s, a 40 cm wall separates it from the Christian cemetery. Surrounded by a black railing and white Mogen David, six rows contain 107 graves with the oldest in the first row. The oldest are cement and brick raised structures with headstones at the end. Most inscriptions have eroded. Las Brenas and Saba Sylvina used this cemetery that was vandalized in 2000. [December 2003]