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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Argentina
In NE Santa Fe, town is 254 km from Santa Fe and 721 km from Buenos Aires. 2000 population was 15,000. A company founded in 1888 by Vicente Casares y Tristan Malbran resulted in the creation of Ceres, Hersilia, and Selva. From that, Ceres, founded 1 July 1892, grew as an urban center. Among others, Jews arrived in 1922 to create a Union Israelita based on the Montefiore development. Jews from Montefiore joined them. In 1970, twenty-one Jewish families lived in the area. In 2000, the Jewish population was 37. Jewish Union Synagogue and Community Center, 50 Teodoro Hertzl Street, Source:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  • El Cementerio Judio: The one-hectare cemetery entrance has yellow columns. A low white wall and a door with a Mogen David. The site adjoins the Catholic cemetery. Tombstones are of carved wood (1930s), cement, and granite (newer graves). A Mogen David-shaped flower bed is the Holocaust memorial. Jews from La Marina, La Criolla and La Elsa may have used this cemetery. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit due to pleasant temperatures. [December 2003]
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