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Alternate names: Miroslavas [Lith], Miroslav, Мирослав [Rus], Mirosław [Pol], Miraslov, מיראָסלאַוו [Yid], Miroslau, Miroslavo. 54°20' N, 23°54' E, 8 miles SW of Alytus (Olita), 17 miles ENE of Lazdijai (Łoździeje). 1897 Jewish population: 244.

In 1923, 93 homes, 15 shops existed, 13 of them belonging to Jews. In June 1941, German troops killed 42 district residents. On August 8 to eptember Nazi occupation authorities in Alytus ordered the killing of Jews, In March 1944 troops destroyed the town.

Jewish cemetery. [September 2010]

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