KLONDIKE: see Dawson and Yukon Territory, Canada

Jewish History. [January 2009]

Beth Chaim Cemetery aka Bet Chaim: The cemetery started in 1902 after the drowning of a young prospector from New York whose boat and cargo capsized in the rapids of the Fortymile River. With no friends or family in the area, the Jewish community petitioned Ottawa for a lot on the cemetery ridge, which became Beth Chaim (House of the Living) cemetery. [January 2009]

history: "Solomon Packer's wife Elka died about 1900. He was a respected citizen and successful merchant when he died in 1918, Dawson City, Yukon Territory. On cemetery ridge overlooking Dawson City in Canada's far northwest Yukon Territories, "Beth Chaim," the resting place of some five Jews, was rededicated on August 22, 1998. Jews in Minnesota and Alaska promoted a cleanup of the overgrown Jewish cemetery as part of the Klondike Gold Rush Centennial. The theme was taken up by Canadian Jews, and a fine restoration was made. Some eight Jewish merchants are thought to be buried there, but only five mounts, side by side, are known and only the one in the middle is marked, the usual wooden markers placed on the others having rotted away." [January 2009]

Bet Chaim was established 1902 by the Jewish Society of Dawson [January 2009]

Restoration. [April 2010]

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