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Jewish history and photographs: [January 2009]

Congregation Agudath Israel Etz Chaim: 3525 Cloverdale Road. Conservative congregation established in 1902 with current building from 1956. Congregation Agudath Israel merged with Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation in 2001to form the present Congregation. Photos and history. Etz Ahayem was established in 1912 by  Sephardic Jews, most from Rhodes. The congregation completed its first building in 1927. In 1962 the congregation moved to a new building, but by the 1990s, the congregation dwindled and merged with Agudath Israel. [January 2009]

Etz Ahayem and Agudath Israel merged in May 2001. Extensive archives available at Beth Or for all the community cemeteries. Source: Larry Brook, Deep South Jewish Voice, Birmingham, AL. [June 2001]


Temple Beth Or, 2246 Narrow Lane Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36106. 334 262-3314 office. 334 263-5183 fax.  . Reform congregation established in 1849. Temple Beth Or, a classical Reform Congregation, was founded in 1852. 1962 Mid-Century Modern building photos. Temple history. [January 2009]

  • Greenwood Cemetery: 909 Lincoln Rd. 36109 (334-272-3181). Two sections in the Greenwood cemetery: The Sephardic section is Etz Ahayem (334-281-9819) and the Conservative, Agudath Israel (Section 22).
    Miriam Cohen, 101 Bridal Path Pike Rd., Alabama 36064 has a record of those interred at Greenwood and is working on the third.
  • Oakwood Cemetery: The Reform community uses Bethel Section. "In 1849, "Chevra Mevacher Cholim" voted unanimously to form itself into a congregation and adopted the name Kahl Montgomery. One of the first acts of the new congregation was to purchase a cemetery and elect officers." Source
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