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See last entry under Claiborne includes Eufaula.

Jewish history and photographs. In 1872, the congregation bought a building located on the corner of Livingston and Barbour Streets that had once housed the Eufaula First United Methodist Church to found B'nai Israel congregation and closed it in 1911. Reform [January 2009]

BOOK: "Alabama," UJE 1: 153; and J. A. B. Besson, History of Eufaula. Alabama (Atlanta, 1875)
well-maintained Jewish Cemetery, no more Jews in community, Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

1919 Jewish population was 110 according to "Directory of Jewish Local Organizations in the United States", pp. 330-583, American Jewish Year Book 5680 September 25,1919 to Sept. 12, 1920; vol. 21, edited by Harry Schneiderman for the American Jewish Committee and submitted by Alan Hirschfeld


    • Bnai Israel Cemetery: On the east side of North Randolph Avenue. Once in the cemetery, turn right. The Jewish section overlooks the river and has an arch at the entrance. In recent years, has fallen victim to some vandalism. Source: Larry Brook, editor/publisher Deep South Jewish Voice, Birmingham [March 2005] UPDATE: Nicely restored by city a few years back. One section of the city cemetery. Community defunct, but burials as recently as the 1990s. Source: Larry Brook, Deep South Jewish Voice, Birmingham, AL. [June 2001]
  • East Fairview Cemetery: Walking tour guide compiled by Michael A. Moore, Boy Scouts of America. Eufaula, AL. n.d. Vital Statistics File; (AJA) American Jewish Archives, 3101 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220-2488; phone (513-221-1875).
  • "Rudderman family helped maintain the Jewish cemetery. Before his death in 1990, he bought a ten-grave family plot in the non-Jewish section of the cemetery because the Jewish section had already been filled. An enclosure surrounds the Rudderman plot in order to sanctify it. Over time, the Jewish cemetery in Eufaula fell into disrepair and was damaged by vandals. Jennie Rudderman, Abe’s wife, spearheaded efforts to raise money for the renovation. In 1987, after much work had been done to restore the cemetery to its prior beauty, a rededication ceremony was held that drew more than 125 people. Rabbi Richard Eisenberg, from Shearith Israel Synagogue of Columbus, Georgia officiated.  The Jewish cemetery, located in East Fairview Cemetery, holds 82 graves." Source. UPDATE: burial list. [January 2009]
  • A delicate iron fence that once surrounded the Eufaula's Union Female College encloses Fairview Cemetery . Hidden behind the entrance foliage is the old Jewish section.Source [April 2010]
  • Article mention. [October 2010]
  • Students clear cemetery [July 2015]
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